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Apisto Agassizii fry question.

Hi Folks,

3 Days ago, I discovered that one of my pair of wild caught agassizii
had successfully breed. This was totally unplanned since they are housed
in a heavily planted 35 gallon with different forms of rasboras and
dwarf gouramis. In any case, the mother seems to be herding her swarm of
fry (once specks in size, now dots) from one drift wood piece to
another. Now this is the question, when should I start adding food for
the fry into the tank and what type is suggested. I belive the fry are
about 3 days old (5 days at most). Tetra fry food or newly hatched brine
shrimp? Or what else that is readily available, should I try? Ive also
noticed that there is already a difference in size in some of them, is
this normal? Anyways, 

Thanks in advanced folks.

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