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Re: Info needed,,,,

Hi Al,

I am in Mass. and keep mostly dwarf cichlids.  My fishroom is fairly small, 
so I concentrate on just a few species at a time.  Right now I am raising 
some fry -  I currenty  have some Biotoecus opercularis F2, Apisto. uauapesi 
F1, and Apisto "papagei" F1 growing out.

By the way, this might be of interest to the whole list; I have recently 
composed a personal website to house some pictures and articles by myself and 
friends.  Currently, there are a few Biotoecus pictures and a nice uaupesi 
photo in the fishroom section.

the address is:  http://blackwater.50megs.com

I will be updating a great deal in the coming weeks; adding a Biotoecus 
article sometime next week I hope.  I would value the opinion of the apisto 
list members!

Ariel B.

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