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Another hello

Jst thought I 'd chime in, too.  My name is Brian Bergoetz, I've kept
fish for about ten years, always cichlids.  I rn a pet store for a yar
or so ad have since moved on.  I'm sick of africans nd have never
uderstood the infatuation with thm.  Ive gone through burn out a few
times so these days I'm a little cautious abot going too crazy.  
Right now I'm down to three tanks, species include nigerian reds,
altispinosa, checkerboards, blue rams and pucallpaensis.  I used to
think I know a lot about keeping fish, but when I start to think that I
screw up.  I just got 6 pucallpaensis, made a feeding mistake and now I
have 2.  Always learning, just hope I don't kill any along the way.
I do love the format and topic here. It's the only reason I use the
computer these days.  By the way, if anyone is near NE Indiana contact
me off list ifyou want to trade.
I look forward to adding what I can to the group.


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