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Re: Belated hello

Well, everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?

My name is Cameron Case, and I've only been on this list for about three weeks.
I am not even new to apistos (having not yet kept them), but I have kept
aquariums beginning eleven years ago, with a four year hiatus called college.
I'm in Alabama (not Huntsville, but close enough) and just moved back here from
North Carolina (where I went to school...Go Heels).  My reason for joining this
list is because, for better or worse, I like to know lots about a fish before I
keep it.  I plan to keep some apistos in the future (but not for another four
months, at least).  With that much time in advance, I hope to pick up plenty of
tips from you guys, and maybe even decide on exactly what apisto I want to
keep.  I was planning on setting up an apisto tank a couple of weeks ago, but my
fishy conservativism kicked in and I went with something I knew more about...but
I still have a serious hankering for some apistos (further fueled by this list).

Thanks for a great resource, and I hope to one day be able to add to its value.

Cameron Case

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