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Keeping with the Latest Rage...

Figured since everyone else was, I might as well chime in with a brief

My name is Steve Lasky, I'm currently living in NJ (I won't subject you
all to the nickname of the state..).  I'm a senior in high school
working on graduating.  Eventually, I'll probably end up in a science
field, be it with fish or computers, possibly even pyschology.

I've been keeping fish on and off for about 10 years, starting at around
7 when my brother got me into fish.  First fish was an Oscar and I can
remember calling my brother to scoop him up when the fish got a little
too eager at feeding time.

Currently, I have 8 tanks setup and I'm thinking about downsizing to 2-3
as I'm not sure how long I'll be around here.  Current interests are
South American fish with an emphasis on the odd and unusual or just
rare.  My passions tend to be plecos as well as Eartheaters, Apistos,
and the more unusual and/or piscavorous genus'.

In terms of Apistos, I have a beautiful pair of Double Red A. agasizzi,
a trio of A. sp "Glasser" and some odds and ends I picked up, like a
bitaeniata and taeniata.

Guess that's really it, but I'd like to thank everyone for being
helpful, knowledgeable and above all, courtesy.  Keep up the good work!

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