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apisto staring competitions

I was wondering if anyone out there has run into problems with apistos in tanks next to each other psyching the others out. I have a rack of 20 gallon tanks stacked next to one another with nothing to block line of sight between them. Today I went down to my basement to do a feed, I noticed one of my male viejitas displaying at my male pulchra. When I think back to it, that's all they have been doing since I set up the rack. I'm having difficulty spawning fish in these tanks that used to spawn perfectly well when they were more isolated. My females regularly colour up but i never see eggs... or fry for that matter. Could they be getting upset by the proximity of another territorial fish? (All of my tanks are species tanks - some do have dithers like pencil fish in them, but that is it.) I think I'm going to block off the lines of sight to see what happens, but I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks.
Oh, and since we're into the confessions thing, my name is Dominic Stones and I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I keep on adding more and more aquariums to my house and my roommates are getting worried. I do keep a large number of species of fish (yes, Africans too) but the apistos I have at the moment are cacatuoides, hongsloi, veijita, agassizi, ortmanni and pulchra.
Dominic Stones