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Mystery Apisto

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I picked up a male and female apisto that my LFS had labeled as A. ortmanni.  Well, after 3 weeks of discord I think that the male is actually A. Steindachneri and that the female might be A. Cacatuoides, can anyone confirm?  I've got pics of the male at http://members.aol.com/~eesweet/Images/Apisto.jpg.  As for the female, she looks like so many female apistos I've seen, but I'm leaning towards A. Cacatuoides because of her solid lateral line and lack of a caudal spot or flank patch.  Also she has 3 abdominal lines, and 5 spots where her dorsal fin meets her body.  Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!

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