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Re: Mystery Apisto

Hi John,

Thanks for the confirmation, it's nice to finally know what he is.  It also
probably explains why he's been so aggressive towards the female.  I'd love a
mate for him, I don't suppose you're in the Bay Area of CA?  If not, I can
certainly hold till spring, and thanks for the offer!  

I just checked the female, and she does have the black line under her bottom
lip.  I think my LFS might have a few of these, time to check for a male I
guess.  If I remember correctly they were juveniles, any chance of sexing
them or should I just buy several and hope for the best?

Thanks again for the help,

Hello Eric

Your male certainly looks like a Steindachneri.  He looks like my
Steindachneri's.    Now as for a good clue if your female really is a
cacatuoide, look at her from the front, if she has that black bar under
her bottom lip, you got a female cacatuoides like you thought.   They
can be called black chins or i've seen them labeled like that.   Too bad
you dont have mates for either one, if you wait till warmer weather , i
can help you out with a female steindachneri, got a tank full of the
buggers and no one wants them.