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Re: albinos

In a message dated 16/02/01 18:52:40 GMT Standard Time, satansperch@webtv.net 

> I'm just curious.  Why aren't there any apisto albinos or gold morphs?
>  There are all kind of african albinos.  Inquiring minds want to know

Quite simply, Apisto breeders have got more taste :-) Why would anyone breed 
an unpigmented Apisto, after all surely it is their beautiful pigmentation we 
are keeping and breeding them for.

I can't think of a single fish which has been improved by breeding for 
albinism.  OK Albino bronze corys are OK (if you like that kind of thing) but 
i've seen albino neons - what is the purpose of a neon without colour? 

Alan W

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