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Re: albinos

I wouldn't really want to get into a debate on the merits of keeping
albino forms, or of taste, etc. I think the key to the debate lies in
your statement below

Mike wrote:
Why are albino kribs easy to find, when a closely related species
> such as P. taeniatus is impossible to find? 

Compare the ease with which P. pulcher is bred, and mass produced for
the trade, versus the difficulties with the taeniatus group. 
I always fall back to killies, because someday I'd like to see the
Apisto hobby become as organized and respectful of its fish as the
killie crowd are with theirs. So what killie is out there as an albino?
Fp. gardneri, the krib of killies. Like kribs, they are starter fish,
beautiful but easy to breed. 
What Corydoras is common in an albino form? Aeneus, another easy to
breed starter fish. 
As for albino Malawis, I hate to say it, but with the majority of these
fish, all you have to do to breed them is feed them. So again, with a
quantity of young, you'll get sports.
Once someone starts mass farming cacatuoides double red, I'm sure we'll
see albinos.

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