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RE: RE: Sick/Dead Cacatuoides

Hello Everyone

Time for me to pop in here as we're speaking about adult age of
Cacatuoides.   I've had pairs live close to 4 years of age and still
spawning after 3 years of age.   Now granted, my 3 year old pair didnt
spawn as frequently as my 1 year pairs do, but man what a spawn size.
I had to estimate well over 120+ fry, not eggs but fry that came out of
a 3 year old pair.    They only spawned once or twice a year at that
age, but with numbers like that, who cares?? lol

I presently have a fairly large male living in my community tank that i
bought at the 1998 OCA Cichlid Extravaganza and he was good sized then,
assuming at least a 6 - 8 month old fish.   He did lose his mate not
that long ago, but spawned only 2.5 months ago giving me a good sized
spawn.    So that makes this male close to 3 years old and he's doing


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