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Re: Contacts in Duesseldorf

well, I hope you are going to enjoy your stay there and if you
have some spare time on hand I would follow Max advise and defenately
go to Zoo Zajac. It's amazing, they carry everything from tubing to
multicolor airstones.
One of the best Dupla & Aqualine Buschke assortments you can find at
"Das Zierfischparadies am Zoo"
Brehmstr. 17
Phone 0211-637575


"Das Aquarium"
Derendorfer Str. 50
Phone 0211-462096

they have a nice collection of Chiclids, rare and expensive
South Americans as well as Africans.

Don't forget, store hours are limited by German Law !
Most of the stores close at 6.30 pm !
Credit Cards are not often accepted!

If you come across the legendary " Altbier Apisto" ,
let us know.

'hope it helps.


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