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Diatom Bloom

Hi everyone!

I have a question.  I have a Diatom Bloom in one of my baby tanks.  I change 
the water everyday (about 25-33%) and now have started to make 80% water 
changes.  This thing isn't going away.  I know a micron-filter will get rid 
of this - that is what I have used in the past.  But my babies (rams) are 
only about 3 days old - very tiny - and to make matters worse, I am going on 
vacation tomorrow evening.    I bought a small micron-filter but it doesn't 
fit on the tank (70 gallon split 3 ways).  I could get creative, but I'm 
looking for a simpler solution.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is a Diatom bloom dangerous?  I didn't think so, but ....  The problem is me 
being gone for 4 days.  I have a house sitter, but last time he watched my 
house I lost all my babies (across the house) except one soul survivor.

Okay - I had more than one question - what kind of bubble filters would be 
recommended?  I use two different kinds, but I'm curious to see what 
everyone else uses.


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