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Re: Acclimating to "normal" water conditions

Hi, Francine,

Here in Sao Paulo the tap water is medium hard and neutral (pH = 7.2 and
after a couple of days, ph = 7.0). The majority of the sellers don't mess
with the water, so when bying a fish I simply don't care for it. For my
breeding pairs I use rain water, after filtering it mechanically, by carbon
and peat; as the fry is growing I start to mix it with tap until, after a
month, I use only normal tap water (dechlorinated, of course).

Zeco (Sao Paulo - Brasil)
(http://sites.netscape.net/zecocarvalho/ )

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Assunto: Acclimating to "normal" water conditions

> I am curiuos to learn how people on the list go about acclimating their
> to normal water conditions.
> My tap water is 8.5 and the rain water is 6.0.  Will I have to mix the
> water with tap until I get 7.0 thereabouts?
> Francine
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