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Re: Acclimating to "normal" water conditions

My read is that pH is not what you should look at. hardness is. That
being said, I have few problems moving fish as I don't usually work with
My rainwater tanks will go back to tap levels with 2 or 3 modest water
changes. Going the other way, I'll acclimate the pairs by floating them
in a container and slowly adding softer water til I feel I have a
balance.Then, I unceromoniously dump 'em, with never a problem.
Anyway, a lot of fish we expect will never spawn in tapwater of moderate
hardness don't read (at least German). I've seen spawns of mendezi and
cf pulchra at a friend's - he keeps them in moderately soft tap at 22C. 
Here, I have regular spawns of a pertensis type I'm keeping in crowded
community tanks at 140ppm, pH 7.4.
With so many new fish coming in, it pays to experiment and take nothing
for granted.
-Gary Elson 
FBethea wrote:
> I am curiuos to learn how people on the list go about acclimating their fish
> to normal water conditions.
> My tap water is 8.5 and the rain water is 6.0.  Will I have to mix the rain
> water with tap until I get 7.0 thereabouts?
> Francine

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