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Re: Acclimating to "normal" water conditions


With all those tanks, have you ever considered bying your own distiller or
an RO unit? I think it would be worth.

On photography, it seems to me that is the same thing that happened to me
with parrots (birds, OT sorry), I had at once 72 breeding pairs, now I can't
maintain more than 4 pairs and a few youngsters so I'm building my
collection in my HP :-)

Zeco (Sao Paulo - Brasil)
(http://sites.netscape.net/zecocarvalho/ )

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... I do have success with getting my apistos to spawn, but it becomes a
headache doing water changes.  Before I bought this house and expanded my
fishroom to 27 tanks, I used distilled water for changes.  But with the
amount of tanks I have now, hauling in distilled water at 89 cents a bottle
would be inane. I sometimes go in the fishroom and just stand there and
wonder what the hell am I doing this all for. Yet, the c barbatus spawned,
the bristlenose spawned ,all the apistos and the killis.  Unfortunantly, my
fry survival rate has fallen off and I am greatly discouraged.

I have been photographing my fish and others and have been successful. Maybe
that is what I should be doing instead of maintaining and breeding species
that I am unable to perpetuate.

Ready to sell out,

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