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Re: fish rooms

OK, I also have two cents on this one.  Some one already mentioned putting tanks on
racks with the end facing forward like some of the real pro breeders do to save
space.  I also gave it up because I wanted to see the fish.

I once also preached nothing smaller than a 15 and only if you really could not fit
in 20's.  I still think it is more fun to watch the "family" behavior in the larger
tanks but have seen some folks do good things with 10 gallon tanks in some pretty
small spaces.  With decent light and lots of plants, some of the smaller Apistos can
provide lots of action in a ten.  Any smaller than a ten and you have to be working
with Killis.

I did once read something on this list about raising broods through the early stages
in five gallon tanks.  That way you can keep the food right in their face and change
large per centages of water easily very often.  I tried it and found that it did work
very well while the fry were small.  Putting in a few Hastatus worked well too.

So I would shoot for 20's if you can but there are good ways to use 10's and 5's if
space is really tight.  If money and space are not issues, I think everyone here
agrees - bigger is better.

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