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Re: fish rooms

I prefer to use twenty longs as my breeder setups but have many 10
gallon breeder tanks, only apisto i havent spawned in a ten gallon tank
was my Apisto Atahualpa, which only spawned once for me, and that was in
a 20 long tank.

i do like the size of a 15 gallon tank best.   to me this is a perfect
tank.    Of course my favorite breeder tank is my 33 long tank, same
length and width of a 55 gallon tank but shorter in height.    

Tens are good, 15's are better, 20 longs are best, but i've even spawned
apistos in tanks as small as 5 gallon tanks.    Which ever you can
utilize the most is what you should work with.   i've even seen borellis
spawn in a 2.5 tank.   

I dont use any dithers in my breeder tanks, certainly never use corys in
them either.   I do put dithers in grow out tanks and do use corys in my
grow out tanks.   Appropriate sized dithers for appropriate sized fry.
I also raised lots of killie fry with small apisto fry, neither competed
for the others tanks area space.


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