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I know that an angelfish species that resembles the true altum has been bred with
some regularity.  When I told a couple of "authorities" about Rich's spawn of an
altum, they were skeptical that he had spawned the true altum -- until they saw
the photo.

So from what I hear, a spawning of the true altum is still a rare occurence.  But
I'm not in a position to argue it.


Apistos wrote:

> Just a quick note Altums are bred regularly in Germany and much of Europe in
> fact they are offered commercially and there is a book in the German
> Language on Breeding Altums. I brought a group in myself last May which I
> hope to breed.
> 2 cents
> David Sanchez
> Orlando, FL
> www.geocities.com/barbax2
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> > The altums are rarely spawned, but it has been done.  My friend, Rich
> Smaciarz,
> > obtained a few hatches, but only two survived and of those, only one was
> > healthy.  I posted a photo of the young offspring and one of the parents.
> >
> > To see the photos, go to the middle of the page at:
> > http://characin.com/carey/journal/01/jan.html#Dominic
> >
> > --Randy
> >

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