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Re: Question


Have you tried all of the local pet stores &
online aquarium suppliers/book stores? The Apisto
Study Group still has it for sale on their list.
Check their web page. This book is good but a bit
dated (same as the German 4th edition, first
published in 1994). I understand that Tetra lost
money on its English translations so don't expect
it to be reprinted. Your other option is spend
more and get the English edition of Uwe Römer's
Cichlid Atlas v.1 - when it becomes available.

Mike Wise

Bob Crosby wrote:

> Hello all, I've tried all of the traditional
> sources (Amazon.com, etc.) to get a copy of
> Horst Linke & Wolfgang Staeck's "Dwarf
> Cichlids : A Handbook for Their Identification,
> Care, and Breeding" and have been completely
> unsuccessful, being told that either it's out of
> print or just not available any longer. Does
> anyone know where I might obtain a copy, either
> new or used? Please feel free to contact me
> off-list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks. Bob Crosbyrtcrosby@charter.net

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