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Hiya everyone,
I read the list alot, but don't post much so I may as well start with
telling you what i'm up to...

Currently, i'm working with some wild A. agassizii (Iquitos), no action
yet, but I just got them to breeder size, I had another wild pair of the
yellows, that spawned quite nicely though   

A. eunotus, 1 spawn so far, but I foolishly had a pleco in there
(Pekoltia vittata) so I have to wait a bit, 

A. viejita (II), no action yet but the female is all colored up, so it
shouldn't be long, 

A. cactuoides (triple red), doing GREAT, I have a batch of 35 or so fry,
and she's in the cave with another. 

Other dwarfs include Nanacara anomala, theres definately something going
on. They are in a densely plated tank so I won't really know till I see
fry. Both males are in breeder coloration, and sparring over the

Laetacara dorsigera, just got them so they have a bit of growing to do,
but boy do they eat! 

P. suboccellatus (Form 1 moanda) fry, and 

Nanachromis parilus fry. 

A bunch of other stuff too but this is a dwarf list so i'll stick to

I wanted to make a comment about the books. I don't know how you feel
about Barnes & Nobel, but I have had great service every time. They
never have what i'm looking for in stock, but they always find it. I was
looking for Linke & Staeck "American Cichlids I (Dwarf Cichlids) A
Handbook for their Identification, Care, and Breeding" They had it for
me inside a week, and even gave me a call when it came in. Saved me
quite a bit of running around trying to find it. Not sure of their
distribution overseas or Canada, but they are pretty common here in the

be well,

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