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Re: Answer for Dave and lots of babble

Hi Bob,

I am still pretty new at raising daphnia myself
but I will try to do my best to answer your

> Can you briefly summarize how you are raising
your daphnia?

The best people to ask about raising Daphnia are
the members of Live-Foods mailing list.  FINS site
has the searchable archives of their messages.  It
has helped me a lot so far.  The members are great
at giving you the tips you need quickly.

> the first time they didn't die, but they didn't
> either. The second time they expired quickly.

Do you think that the batch that did not multiply
might have been underfed or overcrowded?

I was raising them in old
> aquarium water in an unused fish box outdoors in
partial shade (I live
> in San Jose, CA,USA). What temp range can they

As far as temperature for daphnia is concerned,
some people say that they do not tolerate high
temperature.  However, LFS Cultures told me that
they raise theirs (D. magna and D. pulex) outside
in the heat of the summer in Mississippi without
any problem.  The members of Japanese Apistogramma
mailing list told me that they collect daphnia
from rice paddies and keep them going all summer
long outside.  A few people on the Live-Foods
mailing list have the Japanese species of daphnia
called Moina which supposedly tolerate heat
better.  Maybe they can direct you to the source.

Good luck,


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