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Polygamic A. pertensis !!?

Perhaps not the weird behaviour dept but still a bit remarkable.
I have a trio of A. pertensis in a 150 litre-tank with some 
tetras and a couple of A. paucisquamis. My pertensis has always
been monogamic even if I had more than a pair in a tank but
this trio isn't, or the male isn't. He spawned both females
within a week and is now helping both of them to protect their
fry from the tetras. Really nice to watch and I guess he takes
the chance when he can...

Has anyone seen this in what is generally accepted as monogamic

There is some confusion regarding A. pertensis and I am not sure
that these are the true form even if they're very close. Does anyone
(Mike?) know where/if there is a photo of the real A. pertensis in
any book or online?

Fredrik L.

Flutter and Loads Department,  Saab Ab  
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