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Hi everyone,

I need some advice on conductivity for breeding

I am presently cycling a new tank (20 gallon long)
intended for breeding apistogramma borellii. Yes, I
found the females (thanks to all of you who gave me
leads) and they are coming soon!!!.

I understand that A. borellii are not as fussy about
water softness and conductivity as some other difficult
to breed apistos.  However, I don't know at what
conductivity level they can tolerate when it comes to
spawning.  I hope some of you can help me figure this

I have mixed 8 gallons of DI water (conductivity: 0.512
microS/cm) with tapwater (conductivity: 199 microS/cm)
making up the rest.  I added some plants in the tank
for shelter/looks.  The plants add some complication to
the situation.  I normally add some fertilizer to water
column which no doubt increases the conductivity.  My
heavily planted 75 gallon has a conductivity value of
345 microS/cm.  The fish load in the tank is high and
it is also amended with liquid fertilizer for the
plants.  I suppose I could do without fertilizer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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