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Re: apisto V1 #714

<<I even had a chance to speak with Dr. Uwe Romer for a few minutes.>>

I spoke with him too (at length) about the Biotecus opercularis... The
ones arial had were F2's but the good Dr. had 2 bags in the auction that
were F1's!! Sal and I managed to outbid and scoop up the 2nd bag.
John... did you use RO for yours? Uwe says that they NEED it. The ph
needs to be at 6 (well the F1's anyway). So I was interested in what you
put them in.   
Unfortunately the bids on apistos got a bit out of my range (I spent
most all of my money on the biotecus). Too bad because Uwe had a few
bags that I wanted, I gave up when it reached $40 per pair. Also... Uwe
had some anomalachromis sp. (sootyhead). He says they are relatively new
to the hobby (about 9months) Sal and I had never heard of them so we
hadda have em! We picked up the 1st bag for $9 and the 2nd for $13. For
a total of 12 fish. Cool little guys. Anyone ever bred that genus? If so
some pointers would be appreciated! Anyway... I gotta go put my new fish
away! See ya!


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