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Re: Considering these apistos and I'm New!

WnyZman@aol.com wrote:

> Well, I've waiting for someone to mention 5's. Of my 80 tanks , I have 15 -
> 5's, 25 - 10's & 24 - 12's (homemade) and I breed and keep all my Apistp's in
> those small tanks. Plus I always keep an entire spawn in either a 10 or 12
> with no problems. Don't scare the poor girl so she won't keep Apisto's at
> all. I breed Cacatuoides in worse conditions than she has with good results.

Well, actually your webpage was the first one I went to about apistos, and when I
saw what size tanks you keep them in, that's what made me interested in them.
Now, I do not have another tank to put a male in if breeding takes place.  Will
this be a problem if the tank is planted enough?

>     Lianne ~ Get a pair or trio of Cacatuoides but I do think those prices
> are very high. I can get lots of the more common Apisto's in pairs for those
> prices.
>     Z-Man

Do you happen to have any Cacatuiodes that you'd sell?  I think you're probably
only about a 3 hr drive from here (central Ohio).  Can I ask why you'd recommend
the cacatuoides over the borelli?  Thanks!


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