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Re: live food.


I think Sal's method is the best of hobbyists. If
you want to buy brine shrimp by the box you will
have to do it the same way that
retailers/wholesalers do. They have to agree to
buy a set number of boxes (1-?) every shipment
(usually weekly) whether is comes in dead or
alive. You have no choice. You just pay your money
& take your chances. This is why livestock (food
or fish) has such a large mark-up. They have to
make up for the losses somehow.

Mike Wise

Yvan Alleau wrote:

> hi there!just wanted to have some info from you
> guys.i would like to buy live food specially
> Artemia salinas (brine shrimps).where can i get
> some, i mean in big quantity? I'm tired to put
> so much money in a quantity that i'll be out
> after 3 days. I've seen some pretty big baggs
> coming to some LFS. do you guys know where i
> could get any?Also i would like to feed my fish
> almost exclusively with brine shrimp, i would
> like to know where to get black worms (ie
> tubifex) in big quantity as well.i'm living in
> Corvallis, Oregon. (1h30 from
> Portland).thanks                        FLI
> USA Yvan Alleau
> 712 Kings boulevard
> 97330 Corvallis, Oregon
> home # 738-0606
> College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
> Oregon State University
> office (Burt 222) # 737-3649, to be used wisely
> !
> yalleau@oce.orst.edu "When you're far from
> everything, you're getting closer to the
> essential"

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