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Apisto 'orange' = Apisto atahualpa :-)

Just a follow up to a message I posted a while back (thanks Mike for helping 

My Apisto spp. 'orange'  have eventually coloured up and are definately 
atahualpa.  I bought 2 males 3 females (there was another female at the LFS 
but it was very ill) and the alpha male and 2 females have coloured up 
similar to the pictures on the 'krib' website.  My fish seem to be a darker 
'mahogany orange' colour.

I intend to make a serious attempt to breed these georgeous fish, but have to 
say they are the most nervous and aggressive Apistos I've ever kept (by some 
margin). I moved them to a very, very densly planted 42x18x18" tank with lots 
of caves and bogwood as the alpha male hunted the other fish down in a 
planted 36x15x15". 

Has anyone had any success with breeding this species or even know what the 
preffered water conditions are - I am keeping them at pH 5.8, 80F, very soft 
water and they seem to be thriving.  Is there anything in the Uwe Romer book 
which someone could kindly translate from the german?

Alan W

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