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Anomalochromis sp. Guinea

Well mike you mighta been wrong about those tiger thingys but you were
right about these guys! I had a spawn that disappeared a week or so ago.
I figured that would happen so it was no big heartbreak. Well last night
I noticed another...and I wasn't gonna let em eat this one! So that
spawn is in a filterbox with aeration, and methylene blue. Everything is
Tonight I go in to the fishroom to check on things....(a continuous
activity of mine throughout the day). I take a look at the eggs and they
look good, i can see the eyes, so it souldn't be long. Now there were
some fish that have been hanging in a dark corner, and I figured it was
because of the new parents....well, I shine my trusty flashlight in
there....and a nice little cloud of about 40 fry were swarming around
these guys! Now there are 12 fish in a 20 long, so before things happen
I decided I would siphon them out and give em' their own tank. I just
looked in again, and the pair that I stole the eggs from are cleaning
another site! Looks like i'm gonna have lotsa these guys!!
Anamalochromis anyone??!! LOL!

Be well,

P.S. I also had recent spawns of A. Hongsloi II (about 50 fry)
and A. agasizzi (alenquer) no fry yet. I caught a Nanacara anomala
eating the eggs, so the aggies will be going into a 20 long of their own
later tonight.

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