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Swollen belly fish

I've got a pair of A. bitaeniata 'Tefe' in a 10 gal - pH 6.8, GH 5, TDS 126. The tank is filtered by a sponge, temperature is 27 degrees C, bare bottomed with some driftwood and Anubias. Last night, as I was going about my feedings, I noticed my male was off his food. Closer examination showed him to have a distended belly, with slightly protruding scales around the mid section. He was also breathing heavily. The female in the tank is fine.
I treated with Melafix and added a Fluval 1 to give the tank a bit more movement and a higher oxygen level. I also did a 20 percent water change, replacing with straight RO.
I cannot see any exterior signs of worm infestation, and he does seem to have come around a little. His colour isn't bad, but his belly is still quite distended. What can be up? Can anyone help me?
Dominic Stones
Richmond Hill