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That V-word thing

I'm on the list and I did not get this reply.  Therefore, I propose one of
the following things is happening:

  * Jerry, your machine ITSELF is infected and sent you the message, or

  * one of our other readers (most likely the one with the yahoo address) is
    compormised and is automatically replying to the SENDER of said message.

If it's the latter case, then this message itself should trigger a
response from said reader.  We'll see.  Who was the e-mail
address "from" with the reply?    

  - Erik

PS:  Have deleted original subject line and message body, lest the program
detect certain words starting with V or relating to subject.

PPS: Hi everyone, still listening... our apistos are doing fine. :)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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