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Re: Brichardii

>  Can I keep them in a planted
> 38 with PH 7.6 and med hard water?  
They don't need the plants, but will leave them alone, digging around
them to excavate breeding space.

They form a breeding colony, only one adult male in a tank your size. 
Young from consecutive broods help protect the younger babies.

> Are they very aggressive? 

Mine tolerate a discreet, but full grown Julidochromis.  He stays in the
corner in a pot of his very own.  Two breeding females have nests at
opposite ends of a 20 high.  That is smaller than ideal, but they have
been in there for four years.

  South Americans would be terrorized.  I keep young brichardi in a grow
out tank and they intimidate Laetecara thayeri and Apistogramma males
that are larger in size.

> Are they very difficult to keep? 

Not at all, once the extra males have been killed off, or rescued by a
kindly owner

 Thanks in advance, Teresa.

You're welcome,

Dave Satchell

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