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OT: plumbing the outflow of a Magnum HOT filter

Hello all,
this may be a little off topic, but can anyone point me to a good
source of info about methods of taming the outflow of a HOT Magnum? 
I recently dismantled the biowheel, and now the solitary outflow
current is blasting around my tank and making my fish nervous.  I'm
concerned that adding a flow regulator might put too much strain on
the motor, so I'm more interested in running some sort of "diffuser
hose" down around the base of the tank so that I can hide it and
generate a more gentle current.  I couldn't find anything on the
Krib, but I may have been looking in the wrong place.  Does anyone
have experience with regulating and/or redirecting the flow from one
of these filters?


Sarah LeGates

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