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Re: Spawning frequency

In a message dated 05/06/01 04:42:40 GMT Daylight Time, apisto@planeteer.com 

> Does anyone know how frequently Apistos can spawn?

I have a pair of Ap. hongsloi where the female had her fry stolen by another 
female and proceeded to spawn in the original cave 4 days after the previous 
fry had become free swimming.

I've also had some F1 nijsenni who were egg eaters so (as insurance only - I 
do not do this if I can help it) I removed the cave, 5 days later they were 
on eggs again - and this time they kept them too.

Rams will spawn every 7 days if you feed them properly too

I think it is dependant upon many things, not least the age of the fish 
(younger the better) and quality of food - frozen bloodworm and baby brine 
shrimp seems to work well. I'm guessing most of the experienced apistophiles 
have experienced this anyway.

Al W

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