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Re: Maylaysian live bearing snails!

First i post on this ML even though i am here for a long, long time ... real
hard to let this one escape though.

Let me just confess i never - NEVER - seen such heavy quantities of blatant
ignorance and right down stupidity joined together in on single, simple

My sincere congratulations. You have gone where few have gone before. That's a
whole new kind of dumb.

: Does anyone know a way to get rid of Malaysian live bearing snails? I
: have a 90 gal with sand substrate and a Fluval filter. I had a
: persistent bacterial infection in the tank and decided to sterilize it.
: So I added 1/2 gallon of bleach, which I thought would clear anything
: out.
: It didn't even bother the snails. 4 days after treatment they were back.
: I am currently trying super dosing Aquarisol (copper based treatment).
: Guess what?
: The snails are still making tracks.
: I'd really rather not get rid of the sand because it took a very long
: time to clean it. I have been sifting it to ensure penetration of the
: disinfectant.
: I have been sieving them out, but it won't get rid of them properly, and
: I'm worried they may be carrying the infection.
: Help!
: Dominic Stones
: Richmond Hill, Ontario

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