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To Steve J Clair: A response from the object of your derision

Well, I was going to let this one slide. But then I read some of the responses to
Mr. Clair's diatribe, and I grew angry. So I am going to respond to his post.

Steve, I asked for some help. I have a problem which is larger than the simple MTS
problem. However, I felt that the continuing existence of the snails was keeping
me from properly sterilizing an aquarium. I am aware that the simplest solution
would have been to discard the substrate and dry out the aquarium, but it took me
a long time to clean the very attractive sand, and I really didn't want to part
with it. I was also aware that MTS had been discussed on this list and others. So
I asked a fairly simple question, with what I felt was more than enough background
for people to help.

And almost everyone did help. Some of the solutions I had to dismiss as they were
not total solutions. But I am taking the advice I received from this and other
lists, advice that I believe will solve my problem.

You contributed nothing. To my knowledge, you contribute nothing to this list. As
to your 'sincere congratulations', I suggest you hold on to them. I doubt anyone
else will ever proffer any your way.

In response to your claim that I suffer from 'heavy quantities of blatant
ignorance and right down stupidity', I suggest you look through a few texts on
syntax and the use of English. Slang or no slang, I believe you were looking for
the term 'downright'.

And as for 'a whole new kind of dumb', may I suggest that you stick to the
original kind - that is, silence.

Dominic Stones

"Steve J. Clair" wrote:

> First i post on this ML even though i am here for a long, long time ... real
> hard to let this one escape though.
> Let me just confess i never - NEVER - seen such heavy quantities of blatant
> ignorance and right down stupidity joined together in on single, simple
> message.
> My sincere congratulations. You have gone where few have gone before. That's a
> whole new kind of dumb.

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