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Re: feeding of A. nijsseni

hiya Bob,

I've got a trio of nijsseni that are the biggest pigs of any apisto i have
ever had! The male and the dominant female are FAT. I've been 
feeding live daphnia and blackworms, frozen bloodworm and live
brine. They will even nibble dry food. Not only that, but after reading
at The Krib about them being more aggressive than most apistos,
i think i have the friendliest pair of nijsseni in the state. They flirt and
play all day - no spawning though :-(

My trifasciata were like your panduro- just picked at food. Never
fattened up at all.  And i never had any luck with panduro myself.
The two pairs i've had both died of some disease i couldn't identify
or treat.  

I'm bummed i missed PCCA last month. Sounds like it was an

danville, CA

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Subject: feeding of A. nijsseni

> I am curious as to what people are feeding their nijsseni and panduro.
> I offer mine live tubifex,and frozen bloodworms, white mosquito larvae,
> and daphnia, dry flake. They don't seem to be eating much, possibly a
> little frozen bloodworm when I am not looking. The rest of my apistos
> gobble up bloodworms and tubifex quite readily. TIA.

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