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Beginner with Apistos

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to apistos and have been reading a lot about them over the 
internet and through mailing lists. I think i've settled down to getting a 
pair of a. borelli. there's a fish store that has imported some wild a. 
borelli from paraguay with a great blue/ green shine. Since this is my first 
tank with any type of apisto I could sure use some help. For starters is this 
the wrong apisto to be looking at? I've already set up a 10 gallon tank with 
some cladaphora that i'm hoping the apistos will learn to love and a couple of 
neon tetras as tankmates. I've also created great places for the apistos to 
hide. Am I on the right track, or could I be steered in a better direction? 
THanks for all your help and comments,


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