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Re: water hardness

In a message dated 10/4/01 7:05:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time, zerelli@yahoo.com writes:

That is exactly what I did with my discus pairs. THey
started around 175 or so hardness on a TDS-1 (from
ThreeGuysAquatics got a great price). I used straight
RO to do water changes until I got the hardness in
line. THe relationship with RO and tap mixing seems
strange. For instance, water at 175 changed 50% with
straight RO and the hardness did not get halved. Not
gonna figure out the chemistry just wanted you to know
what to expect.

      Thanks much for all replies. Sometimes my logic does come out okay. But not always. So I wanted to check before I kill any fish. It's always good to hear from those with experience. Speaking of Discus. I was talking to a guy who keeps discus in declorinated tap water. He says he has no problem with that. I guess he's not trying to breed them but, I was surprised I didn't think they would survive. The tap water here in Philly is what they call med. hard. And get this part the water company sent me a water report and it said that the Philadelphia tap water SHOULD be all right for human consumption. That made me feel good. lol