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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

hey nice post on conductivity. I just have one question, I think you made a boo-boo in one sentence. Correct me if I'm wrong...

 KH is a measure of
carbonate hardness. It relates to the ability of the
system to maintain equilibrium of Carbon. A low KH
means lots of Carbonic acid in the system and thus a
tendency to have a low pH and the opposite is true of
a high KH.

I interpret your sentence "A low KH means lots of carbonic acid..." to mean that KH is measuring where the carbonates are in the equilibrium (for instance at the acidic pH they'll all be carbonic acid, so low KH). Instead, I think KH measures total carbonates contributing to the equilibrium. Doesn't matter whether they're all in the carbonic acid form or the basic form. The total amount tells you how much buffering capacity you have.

Brian Ahmer

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