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Re: drip method

Bill, what you reproduced below is how I learned the do it. However John
has changed it a bit on his site to say to treat the receiving tank and not
the bag. just get the fish out of the bag and into the receiving tank asap.
I have paraphrased a bit. The correct page address is:



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On 10/5/01 at 9:02 AM William Vannerson wrote:

<SNIP>Traditional wisdom has it that you must float fish bags in your tank
for thirty minutes, mix bag water with tank water, and then tip the bag
over and allow the fishes to swim out on their own. I prefer, however, a
radical departure from this technique that has been successfully championed
by FISHNET member and aquacultural chemist John Kuhns. John's "dose and
dump technique," which aims to get the fish out of the bag and into the
tank as soon as possible, seems preferableany time there are not dramatic
temperature differences between bag and tank water. The method is simple:
Add a little quirt of NovAqua water conditioner to the bag, add the
appropriate dose to thee tank, remove the fishes from the bag, and dump
them into the tank.

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