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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

on 10/5/01 7:58 PM, David Sanchez at barbax2@yahoo.com wrote:

> Thanks for the correction Brian. Its important to get
> things right. I tend to recall things as they relate
> to the fish breeding aspect. But understanding all the
> things involved helps us to better understand what it
> is we that is successfull. I certainly hope others
> with more expertise in chemistry could divulge deeper
> into the subject. I think thats what makes this list
> great is when we all share information we pool talent
> in areas that we may be weaker. Hopefully together we
> can really learn something about these facsinating
> litle Cichlids.

No problem, I agree completely.  I always have to think pretty hard on that
buffer stuff.  

Brian Ahmer

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