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squirt and dump

This method frightens me because the differences between LFS water and my
water are rather extreme. Shop water could typically be pH 8, GH of 20+, KH
of 15+. The fish would be dumped into pH of 6.5 or lower, GH of 2, KH of
less than 1.

Early on I got into the habit of taking at least an hour to "float and
dribble". For example, I used to get ottos and they always died until I went
very slowly with the transfer.

Being cynical, I thought the Novaquel/Amquel regime was sales talk. Can
there be that much of an ammonia spike if you are adding a couple of fish to
a four foot tank (adding perhaps 5% to the biomass)? If fish can cope with
dumping, then the squirting seems rather optional. I would have thought in
ammonia in the bag was the problem, then add Amquel while you float - though
I've not seen great ill-effects from floating without doing this.

from John McCrone

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