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re: Dwarf Problems

[Chris Jewell]
I've recently had problems in the last few months that appear only to be
effecting my dwarf cichlids, resulting in the loss of Bolivian rams, Blue
rams, Opaline Apistos, Kribs and a few others.
It only appears to effect the fish singularly, with one  half of a pair
struck down at once, allthough the other can sometimes follow a few  days /
weeks later. The sysmtoms are the fish become listless, loos colour and
generally darken, start to shimmy and  stay on the tank bottom. Thsi is
followed by heathy breathy, loss of appetite, and death, in about 24-48

[John McCrone]
I didn't see any responses to your post. I suspect this is because this is a
very puzzling picture. Bolivian rams and Kribs I would consider pretty
bullet proof. And if you keep discus successfully, you must have a fair idea
of what you are doing.

One thought, do the fish that die all come from the same shop? I'm in the UK
too and I used to buy at a particular place. Then staff changed and every
apisto pair I bought seemed to go black and die after a few days. Not
through any obvious disease but simply as if shocked or gill damaged by poor
husbandry at the shop.

from John McCrone

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