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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

Hello, I have added seachems acid buffer to this tank and the pH went up 
within hours causing a pH swing that stressed and killed some fish.  I tried 
adding this every day for two weeks and then stopped because of this swing 
and fish fatalities.  The golden rams in this soft tank have free swimming 
fry frequently but then eat them.  The ones in straight tap are the ones with 
the rubber head and I believe he has a taste for fish eggs at night.  I am 
not of course trying to breed these, one only has so many tanks.  They 
persist with their reproductive efforts anyway.  

My water is weird.  I had water with similar qualities when I lived in 
another local and all I had to do was add the distilled water and then a 
little peat and presto perfect water.  None of the usually suggested stuff is 
working for me.  I am stumped, I cannot figure this out.  I do not run C02 on 
this tank but I do on some of my other tanks and pH is unchanged on these 
tanks as well.  I am telling you I cannot change this pH, I have even 
experimented with water from the tap in plastic jugs, no change.  I know my 
test kit works because when I test water from far away shops, I get similar 
readings to the ones the shop personnel will tell me.  I am doomed I think.  
Maybe Santa will bring an RO unit, or at least I will get one for my 
birthday. I hope somebody out there has some ideas.  Thanks in advance, 

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