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Re: General Fishroom Questions

"Gary V. Friedlund" wrote:

> I have a few questions for you as I'm really just starting into fish.
> 1 - What do you wish you would have done early in your fishrooms that would
> have made your life easy in the long run?

More electrical outlets, more shelves, easier access to drains, water storage
and preparation area,GFI outlets...

> 2 - Do you recommend doing the water for all the tanks separate, putting
> some tanks together on a common filtration source or putting all the tanks
> on a common filtration source (I don't think this would work for both SA
> and Africans)?  What are the benefits of doing one or the other?

I like separate filtration systems for all tanks. It keeps evil surprises
(worms etc) contained. And I use a single blower to power sponge filters in a
number of tanks up to100 gals. I can also modify individual water paramaters
should I need to.

> 3 - What would be the best route to go for these tanks regarding aeration?
>  One large blower type or numerous smaller pumps?

See above.

> 4 - Would a faucet and drain be a benefit in the fishroom?  I currently use
> a Python water changer run through the house and it works good for 3 tanks
> but 10 tanks would be a different story.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes......................... ad infinitum

> 5 - How big of a CO2 tank would be needed to run maybe 5 of the 30 gal
> tanks and how often would it need to be replaced?

Can't answer this one. Try the plant list?

> 6 - The fish room will also have to double for the office and computer
> room.  Has anyone had any problems with the humidity from the tanks
> damaging electronics?

Yup, although I've currently got a tv going in mine. I suppose if you cover all
of your tanks, it should keep the humidity down. However, since you asked about
CO2, I suppose that won't be applicable throughout.

> I'm trying to put the thought into this at the front end of the project
> instead of cobbling it together every time I run into a problem.  I'm
> fairly handy so I can do most fishroom DIY projects that I've been reading
> up on but I'd really like some advice from you more seasoned guys that
> might make my life easier.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jason

Good luck!

Dominic Stones

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