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General Fishroom Questions

Hello again everyone.

I have a few questions for you as I'm really just starting into fish.  I 
currently have 9 - 30 gal long tanks, 1 - 20 gal high tank and a 10 gal 
tank, of which I have one of each size tank running.  I also have a space 
that is about 11 feet long and about 35 inches deep in the room that is 
going to become my fish room.  I'm going to build a double high rack to 
fill the space so that the tanks can be either viewed from the front or the 
side.  I hope to keep SA fish as well as some African Cichlids so I'll have 
more than one type of water to keep up on.  I'll have to invest in the 
lighting and CO2 that I was asking about in an earlier question.  I'll be 
able to run my electrical to wherever I need it so power shouldn't be a 
problem.  My questions are kinda numerous though and I hope some of you 
multi tank guys can weigh in on this for me.

1 - What do you wish you would have done early in your fishrooms that would 
have made your life easy in the long run?

2 - Do you recommend doing the water for all the tanks separate, putting 
some tanks together on a common filtration source or putting all the tanks 
on a common filtration source (I don't think this would work for both SA 
and Africans)?  What are the benefits of doing one or the other?

3 - What would be the best route to go for these tanks regarding aeration? 
 One large blower type or numerous smaller pumps?

4 - Would a faucet and drain be a benefit in the fishroom?  I currently use 
a Python water changer run through the house and it works good for 3 tanks 
but 10 tanks would be a different story.

5 - How big of a CO2 tank would be needed to run maybe 5 of the 30 gal 
tanks and how often would it need to be replaced?

6 - The fish room will also have to double for the office and computer 
room.  Has anyone had any problems with the humidity from the tanks 
damaging electronics?

I'm trying to put the thought into this at the front end of the project 
instead of cobbling it together every time I run into a problem.  I'm 
fairly handy so I can do most fishroom DIY projects that I've been reading 
up on but I'd really like some advice from you more seasoned guys that 
might make my life easier.

Thanks in advance,

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