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Re: Levamisole treatment

     Darned. That's Camallanus alright (so you can discount most of my last post). It's a very frustrating disease and it's hard to say for sure where it came from in any particular case. The live bloodworms MAY be the source although fish seem to spread it to each other quite well. I've seen it in some killifish lately and I haven't the foggiest idea where they picked it up. I'm afraid it can remain resident in the fish for quite a while before detection. The archives of thekrib has a lot of postings on this. You should look into the Levamisole as it is highly recommended. Piperazine (a common dog wormer) has also been used with apparent success although some people have been disappointed in their results.
     After overcoming this problem I am confident that you will enjoy ample success with your fish. Don't let this occurance discourage you.

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