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Re: General Fishroom Questions

I'll chime in as well and state the few rules/ideas I had
when I set up my FR:

I made sure to have a simple water changing procedure.
All tanks are drilled for outlet and I just add water through
a hose connected to the tap or a pump in the RO/Peat-barrel.
I didn't install a totally automatic system as I realised that
the water in the various tanks would/could be quite different
from each other. If all your tanks will be using the same water
I think this is a good idea.

I built all my racks/stands in wood. Easy to handle, cheap and
easy to repair or modify. I haven't protected it with epoxy coating
but I have elevated all wood stands from the floor using concrete

I cover all tanks to keep humidity down. Mine is typically at
45-60% RH at 25 deg C (77F) and that is not harmful to either
the stands or the electrical appliances. I have no problems with
electrical stuff or metal tools in that humidity.

Working space. Cleaning space - a big sink to slob with cleaning
filters, gravel and smaller tanks perhaps. Recreational space ?

Just make sure you make working in the FR easy. If it's difficult
or hard work to do it's less likely to be done (or done often...)


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