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Rupunini Fry

Has anybody got any experience with Rupunini
I was able to get some in August (thanks Pete!) and
saw some fry with them on Saturday. I'm pretty well
extatic as they've rapidly become one of my
favourites :). I saw about 10 or so fry, I presume
the other fish in the tank got the rest before I
could pull them out. 
I'm particularly pleased as I wasn't trying to breed
them, just keeping them until I could get them into a
proper breeding setup. They seem to be surviving on
food they can glean  around the tank (there's quite
alot as it's a 250Lt fully planted and now there's
just Mum, Dad and some ottos in there), should I pull
the Ottos as well?
I've had a look in all the literature and cannot find
any reference to breeding, Mayland and Bork (I
think)just said that there was no known cases of
breeding. I don't suppose that I'm the first, any
I'll let you know the water parameters if anybody
wants them, I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment.
See you soon


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